Rosco V-Hazer Kit

Rosco V-Hazer Kit

90.00 90.0 CAD


Anything other than genuine Rosco V-Hazer Fluid will damage the machine

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Quiet and reliable, the V-Hazer utilizes innovative, internal baffles to maximize airflow, which generates greater output and thorough dispersion of fog particles - all of which ensures a great haze that spreads consistently and smoothly throughout the venue. 

Haze machines create a fine and subtle haze with a long ‘hang’ time – the particles linger in the air for a long time before dissipating. They produce a much finer and less noticeable effect than fog machines, as they are designed to emphasize the effects of lighting allowing you to see rays and patterns you would not normally see.

Do not use any fluids in the V-Hazer other than genuine Rosco V-Hazer Fluid, as they have not been tested for optimal performance and safety considerations. Doing so may damage the machine.