Rosco MIXBOOK Digital Swatchbook

Rosco MIXBOOK Digital Swatchbook

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The world's first digital swatchbook is here!

MIXBOOK is a digital swatchbook that enables users to pre-visualize their gel and LED colours, and then communicate those colour choices with other members of their team. MIXBOOK contains the same LED technology found in MIX® fixtures, which will ensure perfect colour matches between their MIXBOOK and any MIX lights they have on set.

MIXBOOK is controlled by the myMIX™ app. Through the app, users can generate their desired colour by adjusting hue, saturation, and intensity levels, or by selecting xy values, and then send that colour to MIXBOOK. Through a Bluetooth connection with the myMIX app, MIXBOOK enables users to actively explore the performance of their colour choices in an environment, and continue to modify it through the app. Once the desired colour has been achieved, users can save their colours to the cloud and share them with their team.