Production Equipment Rental

You can now rent your film equipment in Hamilton!

In addition to our popular Locations Equipment rentals, Hamilton Film Studios also offers production equipment rentals. You can now get your hazers, cameras, prime lenses, green screen fabric, makeup stations, and megaphones locally when filming in Hamilton!

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"Amazing people and amazing service! If you are filming in Hamilton, I would highly recommend renting what you need from HFS!" 

~ Claire Schembri  Google Review

If you're filming in Hamilton, why get your film equipment in Toronto?

Save time, money, and headaches for your movie or television production's equipment rental.

Whether shooting in our studio or going out on location, you're going to love renting from Hamilton Film Studios! We pride ourselves on our selection and the quality of our productions equipment.

See a short list of our equipment below, or see all of the details in our shop, and then get in touch with us!

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Just get in touch — we'd love to chat! You can fill in the form below, use the live chat in the bottom right-hand corner of this website, call us at (289)768-7879, or email us at

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Tired of having your high-quality production equipment sitting idle? We'll rent it out for you on consignment!


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