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Don't waste your valuable production budget trucking rental equipment to and from Toronto — get it right in Hamilton!

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"Amazing people and amazing service! If you are filming in Hamilton, I would highly recommend renting what you need from HFS!" 

~ Claire Schembri  Google Review

You're filming in Hamilton, why not get your locations package here, too?

Save time, money, and headaches for your movie or television production's locations equipment rental.

Not everything can be shot in our film studio, so you'll have to go out on location sometime! When you do, take Hamilton Film Studios with you. You're going to love renting from Hamilton Film Studios! We pride ourselves on our selection and the quality of our locations rental gear.

See a short list of our equipment below, or see all of the details in our shop, and then get in touch with us! We also have a number of preset packages, or we can create a custom quote to suit any budget!

Our Preset Location Packages

These packages are offered at a discount (no substitutions, though addons are okay)

The Westdale

For Indy Projects

$ 500

/ week
  • 25 - Folding Chairs
  • 5 - Folding Tables
  • 2 -  10ft x 10ft Aluminum Frame Tent + Sidewalls
  • 1 - Honda 2k Generator with Jerry Can
  • 1 -  Makeup Mirror
  • And even more! View the Full List Here

The Downtown

For Mid-Tier Productions

$ 1500

/ week
  • 50 - Folding Chairs
  • 15 - Folding Tables
  • 5 -  10ft x 10ft Aluminum Frame Tent + Sidewalls
  • 1 - Honda 7k Generator with Jerry Can
  • 1 -  Laundry Tub / Bin
  • And even more! View the Full List Here

The Mountain

For Upper-Tier Productions

$ 3000

/ week
  • 120 - Folding Chairs
  • 30 - Folding Tables
  • 12 -  10ft x 10ft Aluminum Frame Tent + Sidewalls
  • 2 - Honda 7k Generators with 2 Jerry Cans
  • 1 -  Megaphone / Bullhorn Kit - 50W
  • And even more! View the Full List Here

Because these packages are offered at such competitive prices we would literally break the bank if we let you swap items out! So with these packages there are no gear substitutions, but if you need a piece of gear you don't see on a particular package add-ons are always welcomed! Our full gear list is linked below or check out more of our gear in the Shop. 

Want to discuss building a custom locations package for your television or film production?

To help get you started, here is the Full Gear List

Just get in touch — we'd love to chat! You can fill in the form below, use the live chat in the bottom right-hand corner of this website, call us at (289)768-7879, or email us at hfs@hamiltonfilmstudios.com.

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